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Sue Zylak Type: Oil on linen
Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches
Frame Dimensions: 15.25 x 12.25 inches
Signature: signed lower left
Soapstone Jar

About the artist
Sue began drawing and painting at a very young age She took her first oil painting class at the age of eight. Soon afterwards, she discovered pastel and was intrigued with portraiture. She tried and enjoyed various mediums, but chose to work in pastel for many years.

Sue’s interest in oil painting was again sparked in 1998. She studied with Master Artist Oscar Durand for two years. Painting mostly still life, she was being trained in the techniques used by the old masters. She often heard him explaining how the old masters used a strong light source, a technique referred to as “Chiaroscuro. This emphasized the painting’s center of interest and helps to create a sense of atmosphere. She began learning about tonal effects and luminosity. Always striving to improve, Sue finds it beneficial to learn from other accomplished artists. In the spring of 2006, Sue began training with another Master Artist, Numael Pulido. He emphasized a strong composition and encouraged her to study works of the old masters as well.

Sue is focusing on making each piece better than the last, always trying to improve on the techniques that have helped her develop her own style. Sue has always found encouragement and support from her parents, her husband and others and continues to develop her God-given talent.

She and her husband of 33 years, now reside in North Carolina where she works out of her Troutman studio. They have two grown children. She has taught both pastel and oil classes in the Manchester, NH area and hopes to continue teaching in the future.

Sue is a former member of the Manchester, Nashua, and the NH Art Associations and has won numerous awards for her work throughout the years. She was published in both the International Artist and International Pastel Artist Magazines in 2000 and 2001. In 2009 Kennedy Publishing included her work in “Best of America Oil Artists” Vol.II. Her paintings grace the walls of many collections throughout the United States and Canada.

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