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Susan Moss Susan Moss was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1944. Her Mother Amy had escaped from Germany in 1938 because of persecution of the Nazi's. Amy brought Masterpieces of Art with her from Europe that filled their large apartment. Thus Susan Moss's Art Education began as an infant as she was able to study Great Art every single day. Moss attended the University of Nevada in Reno, double-majoring in Art and Psychology. At the Nevada Art Gallery, she won a prize for her painting, ''Marcus Garvey on Parade,'' while still a student. As part of a Master's Grant, she established a Suicide Prevention Center in Reno with Dr. James B. Nichols that is still in operation today. She then attended Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California where she later taught painting. She has written three books illustrated with her Art, one translated into several languages and is a World-wide speaker appearing on TV and radio shows. Susan Moss believes new art should be conscious of the past. ''Art evolves from a Great Tradition of Creativity,'' she explains. The inspiration for her work comes from the environment, as well as the great landscape painters such as Turner and Monet. David Findlay Jr. Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York City exhibited her paintings and drawings when she was only thirty-two. She showed thirty large-scale crayon and pencil drawings at the prestigious Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York with a Henry Moore sculpture. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artist's Gallery gave her two shows, though their strict policy was one show per artist. Collectors of her work now number five-hundred World-wide. Robert A. Rowan was an in-depth Collector, acquiring ''Black Forest'' paintings and studies as well as crayon drawings. Blake Byrne, a Trustee at MOCA and one of the top 200 collectors nation-wide according to ''Art News'' recently acquired a black-and-white diptych crayon drawing from the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Diana Zlotnick donated ''Black Forest lll'' to the Laguna Art Museum. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art acquired an early ''Earthslide'' drawing from a La Cienega gallery. Type: Oil crayon on paper
Dimensions: 39 x 38 inches
Signature: signed at bottom, Earthslide 396, 2012, Susan Moss
Earthslide 396
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