Bigeleisen_Snow Goddess  60 x 55

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Deborah Bigeleisen American, Born 1949Type: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 60 x 55 inches
Signature: Verso, Deborah Bigeleisen
Snow Goddess

About the artist

After leaving her former career as the founder / C.E.O. / Design Director of a global textile design company in New York City, Deborah moved to West Palm Beach in 1998 and embarked upon her second career as a fine art painter.

Deborah grew up in Los Angeles, attended college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she lived and enjoyed a very successful career in fashion and textiles, then moved on to the next phase of her life in south Florida where her other artistic talent was unleashed. In the early years of her fine art career she was mentored by acclaimed technical master Sam Perry and guided by renowned visionary Gordon Parks. She also completed rigorous training through Master Artist Workshops led by internationally acclaimed painter Tom Hopkins.

Flowers and nature were the inspiration for Deborah’s artistic expression since childhood, and is the common thread that weaves through both her careers. She continues to be captivated by natural forms. Having begun her art career by painting Rembrandt-like portraits of illuminated white roses, she credits her discovery of fractals for totally transforming her vision. By stripping away the mask of the exterior form and magnifying her image beyond what is recognizable to the naked eye her subject is no longer simply a flower. Inspired now by the pure abstraction uncovered at her subject’s core, her canvasses explode with an entirely new choreography, energy and spirit. “I’ve been freed from any constraints inherent in creating representational work though the forms may suggest a natural likeness, reflective of their supple, sensuous and underlying erotic origins.” She focuses now on the movement and distribution of space across the canvas, using color and contrast to draw the viewer in then back them out. Light is her muse; she works with oils and glazing mediums applying upwards of twenty translucent layers to mold her forms and give them a new life-force.

Her paintings have been featured in publications ranging from: Michael K. Corbin’s ‘A Collector’s Journal’, New Art International and Studio Visit to Florida Design, Miami Home & Décor, and High Class Living. Deborah’s work is collected world-wide both privately and publicly, and enhances the corporate collections of American Airlines, Beauté Therapies Inc., Hospice of Palm Beach County, and LBC Design & Construction to name just a few. Her paintings have received awards and have been featured in numerous museum exhibitions.

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