Tree Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Providing ice, snow, fast-moving winds, and sub-zero temperatures to properties across the country, the winter season can certainly wreak havoc on your tree. Though particular species are protected better against the chilly weather compared to others, to some degree, the cold weather will affect every tree.  

Aside from hiring tree services Perth during the winter season, here are a couple of things you can do: 

Protecting the Trees from the Cold 

The sub-freezing temperature is obviously the major threat to trees in the winter season. It can send particular tree species into shock as the temperatures start to drop. This can potentially kill the tree in the process. Thus, what can you do if you want to prevent your trees from dying due to the cold weather? 

One way to offer insulation and warmth from the cold winter temperature is to apply 3 to 5 inches of mulch around the tree’s base. Aside from that, it provides the advantage of better moisture preservation since mulch absorbs rain while gradually seeping it down into the roots of your tree.  

You might also want to buy a tree blanket if you’ve got young trees and saplings. Tree blanket is a blanket specifically made for trees. Typically, it is made of synthetic waterproof fabric. All you’ve got to do is place it over the tree to generate a cover. Keep in mind that this is practically useless for big trees. However, it is definitely useful for saplings and small trees.  

Prune the Trees 

For both functional and aesthetic purposes, pruning is vital. Your tree will be less vulnerable to disease if you prune away unwanted or dead leaves, shoots, and branches. Aside from that, your tree will appear more appealing. A lot of landscaping professionals suggest pruning the trees throughout the year. This includes the winter.  

If you do not know how to prune a tree, you can always call a professional tree service company to do it for you.  

Examine the pH 

Have you tested already the pH level of your soil? If your answer is no, then you shouldn’t wait anymore. You should test it now. You need to adjust the pH level of the soil if it is outside the healthy and normal range for a tree. All you’ve got to do is add the required NPK nutrient. For those who don’t know, you are only adding more stress to the tree if your soil is too much alkaline or too much acidic.  

Prepare the Tree 

The best way to maintain your tree during the winter season is to prepare the tree a couple of months before the winter season starts. You can do this by making sure you give them a lot of nutrition and water. You shouldn’t wait until the first winter cold arrives. You will provide a better possibility for your tree to survive if you prepare it a couple of months prior.  

If required, you can also install a sprinkler system to hydrate your tree. You can also add fertilizer if you want to provide it with extra nutrients.  

Tips to Open Up to Your Partner about STD

Discussing STD is not the most enjoyable conversation you will ever get. However, it is really essential to always let your partners know in the event you have herpes. This way, you can help stop it from being transmitted. There is no other way you can start talking about getting an STD, but here are some pointers you should think about: 

Consider the timing of this kind of discussion 

Make sure to choose a moment when both of you cannot be interrupted or distracted and choose a place that’s relaxing and private. If you feel nervous about just the idea of talking about this sensitive topic, you can actually practice talking with a close friend first or try talking to yourself about this. This may sound ridiculous at first, but being able to say the words out loud can actually assist you to know what you wish to say. Moreover, you can also feel more confident to speak with your partner after this trial.  

You should research more about herpes 

Knowing your facts before discussing it with your partner is really important since there’s plenty of misconceptions when it comes to herpes now. Hence, you should research the truth of herpes and get ready to set the record straight. Make sure to let your significant other know that there are other ways you can prevent passing it on during sex and that genital herpes men or women can be treated.  

Make it a two-way conversation 

Keep in mind that STDs are very common. Who knows? Perhaps your partner also has herpes. Hence, you can begin to ask whether they have had or been tested for an STD before. 

Carry on and keep calm 

A lot of people actually have herpes, and most of them are in a relationship. For several couples, it’s really not a big deal to have herpes. Attempt to reach out and begin the conversation with a positive and calm attitude. Remember that if you have herpes, it’s only a health problem and it does not say anything regarding you as an individual.  

Safety first 

If you are afraid that your partner can possibly hit you after telling them about this, then discussing this topic in person may not be a safe and great idea. Perhaps you can tell your partner by sending them a text, email, or calling them. Or if your case is really risky, it would be best to not tell then at all. If you believe that you’re in danger, never hesitate the nearest local police station for you to be assisted.  

It is just normal to be scared about how your partner will be reacting after telling them the truth about your condition. But remember that there’s no other way around. Other people may freak out. When that occurs, attempt to talk with your partner calmly and let him/her know that there are ways you can prevent herpes to spread. If your partner wants to have some space and time to process this, then let them be since that’s normal.